Utilising our own effluent treatment facility and extensive tank farm at Knowsley, Merseyside we have the ability to receive bulk aqueous waste streams efficiently and smoothly. Our process capacity allows for multiple consignments per day with pre acceptance and receipt analysis completed at our fully equipped on site laboratory. Our site chemists and technicians are highly trained in processing trade effluent wastes and with DAF, metals treatment, ultra filtration and carbon scrub we transform your waste into harmless water, suitable for discharge in line with our consent conditions.

The process is also designed to significantly reduce the Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) levels of effluent, allowing discharge to the site’s trade effluent system. Significant volumes of liquid waste can be pH adjusted including acid/alkaline neutralisation in the site’s bulk tank storage. This facility also encompasses extensive phase separation and decanting operations.

Contaminated packaging may also be de-contaminated and cleaned in order to ensure re-use and recycling options are made available to our customers.