In line with best practice guidelines, OFTEC recommend’s that oil and fuel storage tanks are inspected annually, preferably by an OFTEC Registered Engineer. Avanti’s highly trained team of engineers can assess and inspect all storage tanks and recommend appropriate corrective action. Avanti’s annual fuel system check is in accordance with OFTEC and PPG2 / PPG3 Pollution Prevention Guidelines. The inspection is not only important to comply with your duty of care and best practice but also to ensure the your oil and fuel systems are kept in working order.

In terms of timing and frequency, Avanti would recommend an inspection to take place once or twice a year. Inline with an OFTEC Class II examination procedure, the following areas would be reviewed;

Avanti’s engineers will maintain full records inline with legislative requirements. Our engineers are fully trained in confined space working and emergency response.

For further information or to book a site tank inspection call 0333 240 4027 or e-mail